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We operate walking floor trailers and specialise in the national haulage of a wide range of recyclable materials throughout the UK. We have a new and upgraded fleet of tractor units and trailers built to our own specification that best suits the market in which we operate. In order to maintain high levels of service we take every measure to minimise any inconvenience caused by vehicle downtime. We run a modern fleet of vehicles, maintained to the highest standards by our own fully equipped workshop. To complement this C & L Transport Ltd has a fleet support vehicle supplied by the service and repair centre supported by partnerships with national tyre and repair companies to ensure a quick and efficient repair wherever we are in the country. We strive to give a level of service second to non.

To ensure you receive the best possible care from us we have equipped all our vehicles with:

  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • 360 degree CCTV video surveillance
  • Fully automatic sheeting system for ease and safety
  • On board weighing systems to prevent overloading

We have a dedicated and experienced team of staff to ensure a tailored service is offered to each of our customers ensuring each and every requirement is catered for from load booking to delivery and invoicing.

We continue to invest in our staff and facilities to optimise each individual to ensure our collective success in all areas of our business.

Why do we only have walking floors?

  • They are versatile and flexible to suit a wide range of loads
  • Even in high wind it is still safe to discharge the load
  • Walking floor trailers can be loaded from above or via the rear doors
  • They can carry loose, palletised and baled loads
  • Each trailer has a capacity of 130y3 (104m3) whereas a general tipping trailer has a capacity of 75y3 (57m3) so we can carry more light materials per load.
  • Our trailers have capacity to carry up 25.5 tonnes of pay load.

Our Vehicle Specifications

Trailer Length 13.60m
Overall Width 2.55m
Overall Height 4.3m
Volume up to 100 m3
Additional Loading Clearance up to 3.00 m
Safe Door Radius & air locks 1.35
Min. Door Clearance (allowing safe door opening) 5.25m

Materials we currently haul:

  • UPVC Plastics
  • Chipped wood
  • Panelboard
  • Comingle
  • General Waste
  • Compost Soils
  • Animal Bedding
  • Waste Wood
  • Bark
  • Plasterboard
  • Glass
  • Food & Green Waste
  • Biomass Fuels
  • Clothing
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment